Les and Sherri Errington
29277 Washington Rd.
Calhan, CO  80808


Our goal as breeders is to provide people with top quality dogs at affordable prices.

Our dogs are social and very versatile.   We use our dogs to herd cattle and search out objects and people.  Two of our dogs are Diabetic alert dogs, and another a seizure alert with no training.  Besides being our carpet ornaments, they are beautiful  with talent in several different directions.  Our pups are exposed to all types of animals, noises and situations on our ranch.

Everyone should experience the fierce loyalty and determination of the German Shepherd Dog.  Unfortunately, not everyone should own one.  GSD owners really should have pack leadership skills.  The GSD is a very strong willed individual and needs to know his/her place in the pack/family.  The best thing you can do for your dog is provide him with as much socialization skills as possible. This should include animals and people. The stigma of the GSD is aggressiveness.  This usually comes from a poorly trained and poorly socialized dog.  The right mix of these things will form a dog that is confident, secure, and non-aggressive, unless he/she determines a threat to one of it's pack/family members.  

The true nature of the GSD includes a loving, loyal, intelligent, and hard working  animal with a huge desire to please its owner.   Acquiring information about the GSD and your willingness to go the extra mile with your dog will make the ownership of your dog a joy instead of a worry.

***For tips on pack behavior and how to be a pack leader I found a great video and a DVD that can be purchased at Leerburg.com.  They have several videos and tips that will help you train your very versatile and intellegent GSD.***

Deposits are not refundable, but can be transferred to a later litter if you so choose.